1999 Global Intercessor Training Conference in Heaven

1999 Global Intercessors Conf.-Feb.

I was taken in the Spirit to what I now believe was a part of heaven onto a highway of transparent gold where there was on it thousands of people from every tribe, tongue and nation on each side as a large group of people I was walking with were trying to encourage these on the sides to come with us. We were very joyful and understood each other even though many languages were involved. Not many accepted our invitation.


After some time we could see where we were going and I saw a building so large we could not see the boundaries of the building. We did see a banner entitled ‘Welcome to the Global Intercessors Conference’ and we started to enter into the building where angels were ushering us into our associated study rooms. I was amazed, as I could see it seemed like miles inside, where there were pavilion divisions of continents/nations then smaller buildings divided further to finally cities/towns. I was then, like many entering in, ushered into the Canadian pavilion, then into the Alberta building then into the Edmonton room where I saw a few people I personally knew. It was a small room that could seat only about 200 or so but only about 80 were present.


As all became seated the angel at the front of the room stated that many had been called to come but few chose the invitation. He then told us why we were there..to take back to the Body what you will be taught here. It was then the angel started to lay a foundation of the Spirit and the material realm and the importance of the “Earth/Heaven relationship” regarding faith, prayer and using the Word. Scripture is a massive weapon against the enemy and the way of bringing Gods power into our earthly realm in ways that has not happened since the times of the founding of the New Testament church.


He also created illustrations in real time of scenarios  occurring on Earth that believers encounter everyday, but we could also see the demonic and angelic interactions as Scripture was applied to these situations.  Throughout these inter-dimensional training sessions all that was used as a training tool was Gods Word and interaction by us to what scriptures we would apply to various situations. It soon became very evident that having the scripture in our hearts through study and memorization was the ultimate weapon against all the plans of Satan.

After many scenario’s (I really do not know how many as time did not pass like on Earth its possible we were there for days, or years) the angel satisfied we had sufficient training dismissed us, and instantly I was back at home.


Since this happened in March of 1999, until 2000 I started a Lay ministry preaching/teaching the importance of preparation physically and Spiritually to communities and churches totaling about 5000 people. After Y2K, by digesting Gods Word,  I have been practicing what I learned and have been trying in my small way through a small group known as BEREAN Builders (which is on Facebook) to teach Jewish Roots of our Faith and what I call Active Combat thru Scripture(A.C.T.S.) and recently doors have just opened for me to teach what I learned in Heaven through a workshop I am preparing.


A Dream of the Coming Storm

A week ago, June 7th to be exact I had the following dream. I was in a house with my wife and a few friends or family(I cannot recall which) and there was horrific scene outside my living room window. As I was watching from inside I saw herrendous tornados and hurricanes uprooting houses all around me, the earth was shaking outside and our house was violently shaking inside. As i looked I saw these houses bring sucked right up into these twisters and debris, vehicles and people were being thrown all over outside. It was very cold and as our house shook I felt a force pushing down on me and our house. I was horrified by the scenes around me and starting rebuking the winds of satan. Our house was slowly being lifted up and as I prayed it started coming down. I yelled for help as my wife and I had joined hands and were both praying for  protection. As the house started going up further and I thought it would break from its foundation I screamed for Jesus to help us. Immediately some friends appeared in the house and linked arms with us and we all started praying together rebuking the winds and asking for divine protection, as this occurred our house rested back again on the foundation and shook much less violently. I then woke up.

Interpretation: I believe that as never before God is calling His people to abide in Him, to be hid in Christ, and to pray in unity as one body, for protection and also against the plans of satan. The shaking is the satanic forces about to be unleashed on the souls of men and our foundation must be on the Rock of Christ, in him, abiding in His Word so our souls won’t be moved or uprooted by this onslaught. The houses were the souls and those people strewn around were not on solid foundations and were not (in Christ as in intimate honest fellowship with Him through prayer and His Word). Our house although shaking stood as it was on the solid foundation and we were in the house(being in Christ, abiding in Him). Scripture states that He is a strong tower and refuge in times of trouble.

I sense this as an imminent threat and warning…please heed it.

Occupation of Amerika has begun

IS CHINA or God about to invade North America?

The Answer I believe is BOTH !  Why? Its time for you to know what God showed me over 30 years ago…that has now been partially proven..the stage has been set and the performers are about to take center stage…Are You Ready? Your very life MAY Depend on IT!!

Isaiah 59:19 Amplified Bible (AMP)

19 So [as the result of the Messiah’s intervention] they shall [reverently] fear the name of the Lord from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him and put him to flight [for He will come like a rushing stream which the breath of the Lord drives].

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