About Us

Hi there. We across-eyed-focusre wanting to share our thoughts , through over 25 years of research and over 10 years in the Aerospace Industry, working on weapons and counter surveillance systems for the North American military. It is Our desire is to help you deal with these challenging times we are now in.  Our mission is to warn and equip through discerning the signs of these times.
Since 1999 Our ministry has spoken in over 25 community events locally about these signs of the times and what to do about them. We are also developing a course that will be in a small group setting in September if the events occurring and accelerating permit.
It is our hope that this course and tidbits shared in the following days, weeks and months will inform, equip and encourage you towards living, adapting and thriving in this increasingly brave world we are being thrust into.

So what are your thoughts about this?

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