The Viewer: Unwired, Defined and Controlled-Part 1 The Viewer


Part 1:  The Viewer

It’s amazing to me how in less than 1 generation we have gone from a participating to an observer culture.Through over 20 years experience in the paranormal, meditative occult practices, I have realized that the human brain albeit a very powerful and complex tool is also easily susceptible to Deception.

Science has gone even further and describes the brain as a machine even a ghost could operate.  The mind does not differentiate between a simulated experience and the real thing.  The developers of television and video games know this all too well.  It is therefore no coincidence then that computer and television developers are both called programmers.

After the emergence of television in the fifties, the CIA was experimenting with NLP(neuro- linguistic programming) as a brain washing tool. The project was known as MK ULTRA.  It was found a frequency of 50 to 60 Hertz bypasses the conscious mind and its moral safeguards directly imprinting suggestions and directives as our own thoughts.

Contrary to popular consensus the mind was never meant to be passive, blank or docile. Have you ever noticed someone watching TV they look like they’re in a trance, well that’s by design.

So now we have the push towards Wireless, 3d and high definition everything.  This too is by design.  Not only is 60 Hertz the threshold to bypass the conscious will, it’s also the maximum frequency you can consciously process information visually.  So the new 120 and 600Hz , TV’s are transmitting up to two to 6 times more information than we can consciously handle. That is also by design.

……stay tuned for Part 2 The Viewer: Unwired


So what are your thoughts about this?

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