July 14,93

A girl once said ” Daddy what will I be?”,

Daddy looked at her, smiling at what He could see;

A woman of mature character and sincerity,

formed by Daddy’s love; an image in clarity.


The girl waiting the response of the wise,

gazed up to see tears in Daddy’s eye’s.

Daddy seeing the girl’s concern replied;

“My precious daughter, you will be a bride;


Because what I want you to be, is my humility;

it’s your future guarded by my love that I see;

All I could ever hope I invested in your life,

by a chosen man, that you would be his wife.


My precious daughter, your fathers love is infinite;

and knowing my faith in you gives you eternal benefit!”

So know my precious dear friend;

Jesus’ love, forgiveness and provision know no end.


The little girl is you, a Christian growing in faith;

the woman is you in God’s arms, nurtured and safe.

You see, God knows the struggles that exist;
but the man is Jesus whose love gives all power to resist.


So what are your thoughts about this?

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