The De-Cent into Tyranny

cross-eyed-focusSo the penny has been abolished in Canada, and you’re thinking it’s not an important event, doesn’t really affect anything, right?  Well actually its the 3rd step in the execution of a diabolical plan to bring us to a cashless society.  How can that be, you may ask?

To answer this very important question we need to go back in time, to the day when the Canadian Mint introduced and replaced the 1 dollar bill with the looney.  A few years later the toonie was introduced.  It was deliberately done to bring an atmosphere of inconvenience to cash.

The day now is rapidly approaching for their desire of a cashless society and the elimination of small denominations of cash is happening globally.  But to really understand what is going on we need to go back much further to 1928.  It is a time of great prosperity and confidence.  The Roaring Twenties was booming with wealth, innovation and the affluent. This was also a time of assurance that the peace established after this First World War would bring a New Age of belief in mans ability to accomplish anything. Technology was leading the way and very few questioned how a burgeoning economy could be maintained.

Another little known aspect of the Crash of 1929 was a curious instrument of the banking industry. It’s a foreign concept to many in this age but it brings memories of fear, dread and great sorrow to those survivors of the Great Depression. It’s called a bank holiday and it is anything but a joyous occasion. This is a time of undetermined duration where banks simply shut their doors and services. This means no access to any of your money in any form. Surprising to most is that this action is perfectly legal and supported by all the worlds’ governments.

It is however frightening to note that the graphic projection of the economic growth during 1928 leading up to the crash in October of 1929 can be overlayed onto the graph of this past year bringing an EXACT match!

You may recall the turmoil caused by a ‘bank run’ portrayed in the Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”. This is what a bank holiday is. So why would a bank do that? Isn’t it in their best interest to stay open? Well not always and this is where we come to the heart of the matter: greed and control.

You see when we went off the gold standard for world currency decades ago, it allowed banks to hold 5% in reserve rather than the required 40%. This allows banks to invest your money while only securing 5% of your money. And in the case of a bank run, they will be unable to give you more than 5% what’s owed. In any other environment an action like that would be ILLEGAL and called Theft. But in the banking world your and my money is a tool to be used for their good and not ours. And what do we get in exchange for this violated “good faith” –interest less than 1%.. They call it fractional banking and use it to reap massive profits.

Now you can see why they would do a bank holiday. It prevents them from paying what was given in good faith. This declaration is done during a time defined by them not us as a crisis. This would be the opportunity to reset the economy by reopening after some time..a week, month or year and introduce a new currency and allowance to everyone. Can you see how this would give ultimate control to the banks and governments?

The fiscal cliff talked about by the White house is really a diversion to avert investors from pulling their money out before the crash happens. As I mentioned earlier everything right now is following the pattern of the 1929 crash.

So what do we do? Well it would be prudent to ask yourself what your investments and savings will be worth at 5% or less. Maybe consider using before you lose it. Consider assisting your family, church or worthy charity. From my sources I can tell you that the US and Canadian military has changed their camouflage and paint for their vehicles from khaki to urban. Military and police officials are being told and are training for urban assault and unrest. Ones that are opposed to tyrannical martial law and firing on citizens are being weeded out, forced out or resigning in droves. Ones who know too much about these preparations are also mysteriously dying all over the world. This past year US military have been given a questionnaire about firing on US citizens and confiscating weapons if ordered to. Obama has recently appointed a man John Brennan who was responsible for increasing drone strikes overseas by 700% to replace the position of CIA Director. See this video of Rand Pauls 13 hr Filibuster on this topic.

Remember the pure definition of Fascism is The Corporate Control of Government. The US Postal Service has distributed RFID dots last year on mailboxes of “Persons of Interest”. They are blue, red and green. (See my article The Viewer: Unwired, Defined and Controlled for information on these big brother technologies) These are GPS targets that a Predator Drone can home in on with a missile and it will appear as a gas leak led to the house exploding. Numerous sources have confirmed hit lists have been created on those whose skills, knowledge or position pose a threat to the tyrannical takeover of the populace. It is widely known for years that the computer database in Brussels called “The Beast” has compiled information on almost all the earths’ population.

In closing remember this proclamation by one of the founding fathers of the Constitution of the US. “Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security.”

I will let former President Roosevelt close my thoughts:

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex.  The potential for a disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry, can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense, with our peaceful message and goals.” –  Dwight Eisenhower, Former Five Star General and President of the United States_







A tree grows stronger day by day,

by raindrops and the sun’s ray.

It’s height is not determined by its branches or the number of leaves birthed;

But by the depth, strength and length of its roots deeply earthed.


This then will give confidence in the One;

the Holy Spirit, Father and His Son.

So look my friend, be as the tree, relying not on its limbs,

but on the Root of David, the foundation on Him.







When the going is tough,

and the seas are rough;

and it seems your fire is dim,

remember…only unconditional love comes from Him.


The events in our lives that makes our heart’s heavy and our light dark,

is part of God’s great plan to give us endurance to reach that high mark;

it ‘s a race destined to win with eyes opened wide;

that Christ in us is the comfort for the hurt inside.

Disciples Plea





AS we strive to be Jesus’ disciples here on earth,

its good to take time out of our hurried lives

To reflect on the results of our new birth

So when His light shines in us the old man dies.


When Jesus said love your brother as you do me,

we as God’s family rise up to sing

To do His will with joy is our plea

So a warm tender heart for people we bring.

The Call to be Weak





What is required of my servant,

What is God’ decrees

who should be My hands and feet,

who should go for Me?


I require clean hands and heart,

desire to serve than impress

to embrace weakness first,

rather than feeding the flesh


My will is to do what Father speaks,

your will my child should be this

to care for others tenderly,

greeting bretheren with a kiss


Its NOT MY WILL to busy you,

nor to overburden you with cares

but to nurture family first of all,

and submit to ME in prayer.


You see MY child you are confused,

by the enemy who tasks you to death

while I urge you to learn in ME,

to be IN My Spirit and enter MY rest.


As it is written so shall it be,

my call becomes what you seek,

My Word guides you in the path

that becomes the call to be weak.










July 14,93

A girl once said ” Daddy what will I be?”,

Daddy looked at her, smiling at what He could see;

A woman of mature character and sincerity,

formed by Daddy’s love; an image in clarity.


The girl waiting the response of the wise,

gazed up to see tears in Daddy’s eye’s.

Daddy seeing the girl’s concern replied;

“My precious daughter, you will be a bride;


Because what I want you to be, is my humility;

it’s your future guarded by my love that I see;

All I could ever hope I invested in your life,

by a chosen man, that you would be his wife.


My precious daughter, your fathers love is infinite;

and knowing my faith in you gives you eternal benefit!”

So know my precious dear friend;

Jesus’ love, forgiveness and provision know no end.


The little girl is you, a Christian growing in faith;

the woman is you in God’s arms, nurtured and safe.

You see, God knows the struggles that exist;
but the man is Jesus whose love gives all power to resist.

Part 2: The Viewer: Unwired


Part 2:  The Viewer: Unwired

TV from a purely moral perspective overall, communicates and promotes: the destruction of the family unit, infidelity, relativism, permissiveness vs self control, political correctness vs common sense. There seems to be more real news in entertainment and more entertainment in news.  20th Century Fox even calls itself A News Corporation and we don’t question it.

So the news anchors and reporters have for the most part become ‘press’ titutes, peddling whatever is desired by the new age elite.  It’s a sad and sobering time when the free Western countries are now as or more controlled than those tyrannical regimes we use to criticize for their lack of freedom. There seems to be more effective reporting on situations in North America by overseas Media than by our own. Take a few days and compare stories about America on, guerilla news, realnews vs, cnn, or the networks. You will quickly see a bias and censorship right here in North America, in The supposed “land of the Free”. I also have friends overseas and in the Middle East who attest to the same thing.

This censorship and control has a lot to do with the takeover of all media by the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) and the centralization of media now owned by 2 or 3 multinational Corporations. (i.e. NBC is owned by GE., CNN hires new analysts that are military analysts paid by these corporations.) In 1961 In his farewell address to the nation he stated:

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex.  The potential for a disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry, can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense, with our peaceful message and goals.” –  Dwight Eisenhower, Former Five Star General and President of the United States

 The pure definition of fascism is the corporate control of government. To control the population Wireless and digital methods are now being deployed.  The “smart tv’s” are big brother in your home and cannot be shutoff unless completely detached from the Internet interfaces power.

Passive surveillance technology is far more advanced than the public realizes.  For example the cellphone (which uses wireless technologies) has for over a decade been used as a listening and  homing device.  This was confirmed by someone who was involved with the development of the cell phone and is never permitted to own one,  as her skills and expertise  could bring the entire Network down in 1 hour.  During my years working with her she told me that after her contract with the NSA was over she destroyed her phone and burned the chip. That was 15 years ago!!  She also confirmed that passive video technology has and is being used against the public.

Any electronic device can be used for the opposite of its intended application. i.e. a TV that transmits video can also receive video with no internal modifications needed.  It has and is done remotely (wirelessly) by modifying 2 frequencies. So these smart tv’s bring surveillance right into our homes. The frequencies also give a lethargic affect; that also is by design.

……stay tuned for Part 3 The Viewer: Defined and Controlled