Visions and Dreams

UPDATE; Insider went dark as of October 01, 2021 and as of this date Aug 26, 2022 have been unable to re-establish contact..whereabouts unknown.

AS OF May 17th, 2020 I now have a Super Insider who is working with me to AWAKEN people to the threats facing us and the present times we are in who gave Real TIME info outside of the Mainstream and even alternate media of a boots on the ground operative…. see Update above

The time has come for me to share what  happened to me in 1989, as I was given dreams or visions every night that summer, as an active observer of events in the books of Revelation, Daniel and Ezekiel. ***Note: as of March 26, 2020 I will be posting soon the panorama dream details referred to here as the Lord has now released me to do in part…the pandemic was part of it. ALL I KNOW IS the Time to Put Away any idols, any affinity or attraction to ANYTHING of the world system IS NOW. Take this opportunity of “Isolation” to SEEK THE LORD while he may be found, take inventory of anything that takes away your devotion/love/peace/time from The Lord, whether that’s entertainment, tv, movies, sports, social media, cellphones, games, even distractions with family. God is a Jealous God who calls anything that takes away your time/devotion/worship/obedience/love from Him idolatry and adultery.  This time of Isolation is PREPERATION and God’s Kindness and Mercy to spend time with Him. We are going to need it for the times coming. Ephesians 6 armor is crucial right now. The Hiding Place is worth more than anything the world system can provide or offer. Remember God is the Rewarder to those Who diligently seek Him.

A Berean Bite: IN Revelation it talks about the 10 virgins and them going out to meet The Bridegroom. The wise had purchased(humbly applying Gods Word)) extra oil (The Holy Spirit), trimmed their wicks (The circumcised/pruned heart), and then lit their lamps(God’s Word) to go out to meet the Bridegroom(note; we are called to go meet Him in the dark (no need for a lamp in the day, its spiritual midnight).

The Panorama details I can reveal now that I got the 3rd and last sign. But first some…


If you are not aware of this, the “plandemic” was the Deep State Illuminatti George Soros/Clinton/Obama Cabals (watch the Cabal youtube series by Janet Ossebaard, (if you can find it-I have it and will show in our class) its very graphic but exposes the Satanic underbelly of the World system that unfortunately many believers have been seduced by Parts 1-5 of 10 attempt to depopulate and create the New World Order out of the chaos.  The video series mentioned above and Out of the Shadows exposes the media/elite/politicians globally in a massive beyond almost belief, life and control system that has affected every human being on the planet since WW2. Trump’s lineage/ background and connections are way beyond most people’s comprehension. The Q-Anon movement is millions worldwide, these are Patriots, Nationalists and Christians that have been following Q and his posts on Dark Web bulletin boards that allow anonymity like 8chan.

So Trump’s army of White Hats (hackers for good) neutralized the virus but also took advantage of the opportunity to start the rescue of millions of children worldwide(that’s why he mobilized the entire armed forces), capture the federal reserve (only 2 other presidents in history have tried to take-down The Federal Reserve world banks; Lincoln and JFK both assassinated), destroy the Deep State’s money supply used for black projects of depopulation and eugenics with Bill Gates by taking down the drug cartels), drain the swamp (hint: many in Congress/Senate/most Hollywood superstars/celebrities are deeply involved in child sacrifice, smuggling, human traffic-ing, and using the live blood of children and infants as their fountain of life wonder drug that’s actually a currency in Hollywood. Believe me when I say every well known celebrity you can think of including Tom Hanks, Oprah, The British Royal Family (note: Queen just indicted for pedophilia as of this Month), Steven Spielberg, Madonna, Obama, Clinton’s,  and many many more, including clergy: Catholic/Protestant, charismatic, emergent, and mainline church celebrities, many world leaders/military and law enforcement up to the Supreme Court and the Super Wealthy Elite including elements of all surveillance/ intelligence/ military agencies worldwide.  What we are witnessing is literally an unprecedented, beyond historic world wide reset to usher in the last and greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit and then the New World Order. It is the Greatest Shaking and Paradigm shift the world has ever seen, and you are a witness to its genesis.

The outpouring I saw in 1988 in a vision of a church that was built in 1995 and the vision buildings complete in 2011, below is a photoshop version of what i saw. Only details missing is it was midnight and speakers had been strung from each lamp post, the doors were open with people streaming inside and the gospel was being preached.

The Panorama Details:

Disclaimer: I was not given any instruction whether these events are sequential, i.e. happening one after another, they could be in some order I am not aware of but I am telling it like i saw it and not assuming anything else. As with everything Pray about all of this and accept His Counsel.

So as I saw the president in the JFK convertible, an elated crowd to numerous to mention and then shot exactly like JFK, I wondered why JFK, the angel did not answer my questions but just told me to continue to look. I saw a panorama of history now but future then. The rainbow Whitehouse, the gender bathroom debacle, transgender wars and celebrity talk shows with them all in tele-conference format, businesses closed and streets empty during rush hour even in New York.  I then saw a panorama of what now is past and present history.(Note: As I had no context of any of this what seemed strangeness to me, i could not understand its relevance until a week ago) So as this is obvious to everyone now, remember i saw all this in 1989. I don’t know why I never saw Trump but I now have understanding of the JFK motif i was shown. (Interpretation: The JFK limo was the spiritual transport that was bringing a renewed sense of accomplishment and nationalism/faith and purpose. You see Q supposedly is John F. Kennedy Jr. who faked his death to become the liaison of the reset about to happen.) If you watch the above mentioned videos on the Q-anon phenomenon you will know that a Worldwide Plan, 20 years in the making, was formed that involved the Patriot Generals of the World appointing Trump as the Commander in Chief to lead this reset. (Note: in 1998 while researching about y2K online saw a very brief article on my news banner from a backwater small airport in the U.S. (cannot recall the state) about a restaurant near the airport that was temporarily swamped by generals from all over the world getting lunch. A picture appeared in the local newspaper article buried in the back of the newspaper. I didn’t think anything of it as i thought it was a pre-cursor to the New World Order in 2000 like many predicted. It wasn’t until 2 months ago i started putting the pieces together.

SO you may ask, what does this have to do with anything? Well, scripture states we see in part and prophesy in part. In other words, each of us who are prophetic have one or more parts of the tapestry of the End Times.

I’m sharing the parts God has shown me which does i believe give a partial view of what’s to come. Purpose of this is to PREPARE you for what is coming. In addition to the “pandemic”, I saw a very strange thing of blue colored mist saturating Everything including food and even seeing it ingested into people. As I viewed people breathing in and consuming this blue Mist (note: Recently I saw the symbolism and color representing 5G and its the Exact same color of the mist i saw). John 15 Abiding Christians  I observed people in the streets, restaurants, gatherings I noticed something very strange. When this mist tried to enter these Abiding Christians it could not enter, it did not saturate their food, it didn’t even go near them. It was like they were immune or protected. During this time much evangelism was happening and God’s Spirit was being poured out globally.

After this I saw another scene of incredible prosperity but incredible confusion/terror on those who had ingested and breathed in the blue Mist, except for Beings now transformed to glowing blue who seemed to be automatons with no real personality.

What i saw next made me desperately want to release the angels grasp on my hand and leave. It is very difficult for me to tell this as even though this happened to me over 30 years ago, i still shudder remembering this scene. I saw the Nephilim, very large carnivorous beings, that could paralyze/hypnotize at a glance, rampaging and consuming any humans they could find. (Refer to Steve Quayles site At the same time there was War against these beings, exotic weapons were being used. It was also at this time that due to Christians influencing all areas of life, these Beings launched an all out assault on Christians and the governments hunt them down to feed them to these Beings. Other things happened which I am not at liberty to say yet. Then the scene changed and I was in the line to be guillotined.

Seen in 1989: Obama Becomes President:

This one had to do with a black man who rose rapidly from obscurity to win the US presidency. On election day I saw a very popular reporter whose known for his impartiality and journalistic integrity gushing with almost Divine worship speak about this newly elected president..I then saw this president in a Kennedy-esk like fashion in a convertible waving to the people when a shot rang out and struck him like did JFK..3days past and on Passover a spokesperson stated although he had been pronounced dead, he had the will and power to heal himself.

As I heard this I shuddered knowing this was a very bad thing. I then saw a rapidly changing through time movie panorama of North America with an Orwellian 1984 like existence (see above for details). The angel who was my guide pointed a finger and said “Son of man..look” and at almost the end of the panorama before me I saw people some I knew as family, friends and pastors in-line with myself waiting to be beheaded as I saw a great number of lines of people all with guillotines at the front.

Some in the line recanted their faith in God, renouncing Jesus including a surprising number of people in my personal circle. All of a sudden I woke up with a warning from the angel ringing in my ears “Many will say in that day Lord, Lord did we not heal the sick and raise the dead?..and He will say depart from me fore I never KNEW You!” therefore Abide in me, knowing the Holy One is eternal life.”

As I awoke… I prayed “Lord who was this man?” The reply was “his initials are B.O.” and he will deceive many!”.

Fast-forward to Election 2008 when “change came to America”

as I casually listened to the coverage..a very famous newscaster started gushing unprofessionally about this New President and at that moment the Lord captured my attention as I realized, as He replayed the dream given so many years ago, and stated “this is the man I showed you!, prepare for storm that’s coming” (referring to another vision I will share in the future)., I was starting to see what I saw in 1989 in real time now.

All I know is that if we heed 2Chronicles 7:14 we could see come to pass the great outpouring I saw for Edmonton (see picture below I made of vision for Evangel given in 1988) or North America taken over by Gods enemies to bring Gods people back to Him. The choice is ours to make. God always wants to redeem even in judgement….selah…more to come..

1999 Global Intercessors Conf. in Heaven

I was taken in the Spirit to what I now believe was a part of heaven onto a highway of transparent gold where there was on it thousands of people from every tribe, tongue and nation, as a large group of people I was walking with were trying to encourage these on the sides of the road to come with us. We were very joyful and understood each other even though many languages were involved. Not many accepted our invitation.

After some time we could see where we were going and I saw a building so large we could not see the boundaries of the building. We did see a banner entitled ‘Welcome to the Global Intercessors Conference’ and we started to enter into the building where angels were ushering us into our associated study rooms. I was amazed, as I could see it seemed like miles inside, where there were pavilion divisions of continents/nations then smaller buildings divided further to finally cities/towns. I was then, like many entering in, ushered into the Canadian pavilion, then into the Alberta building then into the Edmonton room where I saw a few people I personally knew. It was a small room that could seat only about 200 or so but only about 80 were present.

As all became seated the angel at the front of the room stated that many had been called to come but few chose the invitation. He then told us why we were take back to the Body what you will be taught here. It was then the angel started to lay a foundation of the Spirit and the material realm and the importance of the “Earth/Heaven relationship” regarding faith, prayer and using the Word. Scripture is a massive weapon against the enemy and the way of bringing Gods power into our earthly realm in ways that has not happened since the times of the founding of the New Testament church.

He also created illustrations in real time of scenarios  occurring on Earth that believers encounter everyday, but we could also see the demonic and angelic interactions as Scripture was applied to these situations.  Throughout these inter-dimensional training sessions all that was used as a training tool was Gods Word and interaction by us to what scriptures we would apply to various situations. It soon became very evident that having the scripture in our hearts through study and memorization was the ultimate weapon against all the plans of Satan.

After many 100’s of scenario’s (I really do not know how many as time did not pass like on Earth –its possible we were there for days, or even years) the angel satisfied we had sufficient training dismissed us, and instantly I was back at home.

Since this happened in March of 1999, until 2000 I started a Lay ministry preaching/teaching the importance of preparation physically and Spiritually to communities and churches totaling about 5000 people. After Y2K, by digesting Gods Word,  I have been practicing what I learned and have been trying in my small way through a small group known as BEREAN Builders (which is on Facebook) to teach Jewish Roots of our Faith and what I call Active Combat thru Scripture(A.C.T.S.) and recently doors have just started opening for me to teach what I learned in Heaven through a workshop I am preparing.

A Dream June 7, 2015 about The Coming Storm

A week ago, June 7th to be exact I had the following dream. I was in a house with my wife and a few friends or family(I cannot recall which) and there was horrific scene outside my living room window. As I was watching from inside I saw horrendous tornado’s and hurricanes uprooting houses all around me, the earth was shaking outside and our house was violently shaking inside. As i looked I saw these houses bring sucked right up into these twisters and debris, vehicles and people were being thrown all over outside. It was very cold and as our house shook I felt a force pushing down on me and our house. I was horrified by the scenes around me and starting rebuking the winds of satan. Our house was slowly being lifted up and as I prayed it started coming down. I yelled for help as my wife and I had joined hands and were both praying for  protection. As the house started going up further and I thought it would break from its foundation I screamed for Jesus to help us. Immediately some friends appeared in the house and linked arms with us and we all started praying together rebuking the winds and asking for divine protection, as this occurred our house rested back again on the foundation and shook much less violently. I then woke up.

Interpretation: I believe that as never before God is calling His people to abide in Him, to be hid in Christ, and to pray in unity as one body, for protection and also against the plans of Satan. The shaking is the satanic forces about to be unleashed on the souls of men and our foundation must be on the Rock of Christ, in him, abiding in His Word so our souls won’t be moved or uprooted by this onslaught. The houses were the souls and those people strewn around were not on solid foundations and were not (in Christ as in intimate honest fellowship with Him through prayer and His Word). Our house although shaking stood as it was on the solid foundation and we were in the house(being in Christ, abiding in Him). Scripture states that He is a strong tower and refuge in times of trouble.

I sense this as an imminent threat and warning…please heed it.

Vision of Strike of Iran and Global Terrorist Attacks: Martial Law (given 2006)

I sense this dream is a warning of  the coming storm….all being precipitated by the following 2 dreams I’ve had and over a decade of foundational prophetic experiences I’ll being giving details of later.

1. Gulf War-War Room-3/90

It was a very vivid dream/vision; I was inside the war room as the coalition was planning their attack on Kuwait. I saw the date they were to attack. I also knew the reason this happened was because Kuwait’s invasion was meant to pull the 5 Islamic countries along with Soviet support to destroy Israel in an orchestrated attack. This was what the Israeli generals were pointing out clearly to the other top generals.

Confirmation #1-2008

I had an opportunity to talk with Georges Sada while in the city for a speaking engagement, the top former General to Saddam Hussein personally confirmed this plot to destroy Israel by first having the invasion in Kuwait draw Saudi Arabia and the other nations in a plan to destroy Israel.

Confirmation #2-07/99:

Stevie Lightle,a messianic Jew(author of Exodus II:Let My People Go ), was allowed by God to be the only Jew on a 747 bound for Mecca, where he saw a copy of the statue of liberty that was identical to the Hindu god portrayed in the museum. He also found out that the airspace around Mecca was closed for 48 hrs as all the reps from these countries met to plot for the destruction of Israel by this plan..

Significance;: When the press speculated on the day attack would commence, the actual attack took place the date I was told in the vision..


Following Dream in March 2006: Iran Attacked

War Room: Again I was in the War Room witnessing the final observations of another ‘U.S. led attack’; only this time the aggressor was Israel backed by the U.S. As Operations commenced; commentary was being given to the Joint Chiefs.. “The Plan is to use several penetrator weapons on low yield mode to destroy the bunker structure deep underground “

Tactical Nuclear Strike; I knew that meant a small tactical nuclear warhead w/minimal radiation and maximum damage. There was a visual demonstration on a tactical display indicating that the penetrator would first surgically cut a hole into the earth for the weapon to fall into, then when the bunker is breached; the blast destroys the entire complex. It was explained that there was a huge complex deep underground where Iran had been fortifying and creating plutonium grade isotopes from their vast supply of uranium like substance, the western world overall does not know about.

Self Defense of Israel: Everyone agreed that this strike was necessary and it was constantly emphasized that collateral damage would be minimal because the nearest civilian population was many miles away & the blast affect would remain underground. The Israeli general speaking cont’d w/the statement that everyone agreed would occur if this attack did not prevail:

” Its evident from our sources that once again Iran has desired to wipe Israel off the map and would have done so, if we had not bombed them last time.”

Iran’s Response Calculated: Iran’s response, it was agreed, would be back channeled/private as otherwise their true intentions would be exposed.” So this operation like so many others will remain covert”

Bunker Attack Commencement: As the attack commenced I saw the bombs drop from stealth bombers(B-2’s), 6 were to be dropped simultaneously, then 4 backups were ready. (See the declassified picture I found in 2008 of what I saw)

As all watched the tactical screen, everything seemed to be going well, then I heard the Lord or an angel say; “son of man,look ” So I watched as the screen magnified & I saw the bombs go into the ground..

Attack Fails/Radiates City: I could see underground somehow and I saw the bunkers, but the bunkers were stronger than the bombs, I saw the bombs break apart on impact and blast went up instead of down creating a massive crater. Those observing were not seeing what I was, being confident in their success, the catastrophic event I’m witness to being delayed from their eyes.

The huge crater created a radiation burst that was supposedly contained, vented out into a growing cloud just above the ground. It grew and reached the city. In horror, the generals were now seeing what I was & were scrambling for answers, shouting commands while other observers gasped.

Resultant: Islamic Cry to Avenge the Islamic Soul

Then as quickly as I was present, I was gone & I saw/heard an Islamic cry..a call for Muslims everywhere to avenge the Islamic soul, then I saw suicide bombers being outfitted…

Suicide Bombers Worldwide:

I saw the earth from a distance & small sparks start in different countries, N.A.,& Europe was first, then sparks traveled to other areas. Then sparks grew becoming fires, first in N.A., then spread, soon it looked like the globe was on fire. Then I was moving towards the earth as it grew larger, seeing states/provinces, then cities then my hometown.

Martial Law /Church Leaders in paralysis:

I saw bombs exploding in public places and a martial law setting. Soldiers, tanks in the streets. I saw people in shock as this was happening. Even pastors/leaders stunned by the events, in paralysis, as life was turned upside down. The dream ended as I was startled, shaken and in a cold sweat.

I asked the Lord why I saw this and He said

“Prepare, prepare, prepare–warn my body –it will be purged; I will have a spotless bride. Pray that you will be found ready. This is My Call. and he who has ears to hear will”

So what are your thoughts about this?

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